Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cats and ghosts, a strange mutual fear relationship?

Some people wonder if cats can see ghosts or sense spirits.  Well, it is a fact that animals have higher, more acute senses than human beings.  They can certainly hear things before we can.  Folks claim that when their cats are staring into space or seem to be chasing "invisible" bugs around the house, they are actually seeing ghosts.

There have been stories of cat's hair standing on end when they are frightened of something that does not seem to be there.  Some people have reported that their cats have gone out of their way to avoid rooms and areas where they seem to be aware of "invisible" things.

Ancient Egyptian sculpture honoring the cat

History tells us that cats were considered sacred by the Egyptians.  The penalty for killing a cat was death.  The ancient Egyptian legend has it that the dead spirits feared cats. Therefore, they were considered guardians of the after world.  Many mummified cats have been found in tombs throughout Egypt.

A mummified cat, believed to be guardians of the after world to the Egyptians

I would otherwise have gone with the gut feeling that all of this was just legend or sheer nonsense, however...

One evening after dark I was sitting on my couch in the living room.  I glanced over toward the window for some reason and saw a shape or light  moving up and to the left across the living room front window which is to the south. It was shaped like a Nike swoosh standing on end with the top cut off. I not only looked out the window, but checked out side to see if there was anything there and there was nothing.  No cars were outside or across the street in the parking lot that may have made the light.  I call it a light because there is really no other way to describe it.  It was a light grey , transparent "thing". I thought it may have been a reflection of one of my 3 cats jumping on to the couch, but no cats were there and the reflection was moving the wrong direction for that.  My daughter and her boyfriend were also in the room, but they were not looking in the direction of the window to see it at the time.  My daughter said I had been reading too many ghost stories given that Halloween was near, that may have been believably true, however...

Living room window to the south where unexplained light or shape was seen moving from the lower right corner to the upper left then stopped at the middle.

About four days after Halloween I was sitting alone in my living room on the same spot on the couch.  Two of my cats were chasing each other all around, then went zooming up the stairs.  I heard them zooming back down the stairs then one came to a screeching halt at the bottom landing.  I looked over and just as I did, I saw the SAME shape moving in the same direction and manner across the window on the east side of the room.  Then a second later, I saw it again moving up the wall next to the window at the stair landing.  My cat was sitting there staring up at that same spot on the wall and window, so he saw it too!  It is probably what made him stop on the landing.  I jumped up and looked out across the street and on the side street...  no cars, nothing. I have never seen this before and I have not seen it since. Talk about creepy! 

Window on the east living room wall where second occurrence of the unexplained phenomenon was seen moving from the lower right corner of the window to the upper left then again stopped at the middle. It then repeated on the wall near the corner of the window and moved up across the light switch and stopped just above it.  The cat was sitting where the object appears just above the arm of the chair staring at the wall.

Most of the time poltergeist activity or apparitions are usually associated with a death at the place where they occur.  Well, what makes it even creepier is that my neighbor told me that an old man that lived next door to me died on the front steps of my house while delivering a plate of cookies to the people that lived here.  Creepier still, the front steps are just outside my living room on the south side of the house.  His house can been seen through the window where I saw the shape the second time, out the east window of my living room.  It was almost as if a spirit were attemping to enter the house through the windows and may have possibly succeeded the second time.

Like I mentioned before, I don't really believe in ghosts, but...   you have to admit this was just a little weird!

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