Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dark Shadows Under the Door

Like a scene out of a horror movie, I found myself in a situation late last night that left me a little "iffy" about digging this whole "having a ghost in my house" thing. If you have been following any of the articles about my "personal" haunting, you know that there is definitely something strange going on in my house. There have been only what can be described as strange lights on the windows, smoky ball-like apparitions appearing in the windows and walls, a pet cage rattling on it's own, to something unseen brushing against my leg.  The unseen brush incident was last May of which I did not write about because it was just too bizarre and a bit spooky to me to admit that it actually happened. I will elaborate more on it later as it actually ties in with this latest incident.

This is an altered reproduction of the dark shadow seen moving under the door.  Knowing that there was no one or no pets in the room, would you open the door?

Late last evening around midnight, I was in the bathroom getting ready for bed.  As I opened the door to leave I glanced up. The hallway was dark as I didn't turn the light on.  The only light in the hall was that from the bathroom and that coming from the crack under my bedroom door which was at the opposite end of the hall. I immediately noticed what appeared to be the shadow of something behind the door moving from the right to the left. I actually thought nothing of it at first, thinking that it was one of my cats.  However, as I took a few more steps down the hall, I realized that I didn't allow my cats go in my bedroom.  Then I got a little concerned.

As I approached the door, I began to suspect that this may be another visit from our resident ghost.  This is the part where I asked my self, "Do I open the door, or not?"  This is the part in horror movies where the stupid person gets themselves into trouble.  Except this was very real.  Feeling that I was not in harm's way, I slowly opened the door.

The whole time frame that this took place, that is me opening the bathroom door to opening the bedroom door, was only about 5 seconds in real time.  As I opened the door, there was nothing.  I checked the room for a cat that may have scooted past my legs and ran into the room.  No cats.  I even questioned whether my eyes may have been playing tricks on me as I exited the brightly lit bathroom to the dark hallway with just the light from under the door at the end. I went back into the bathroom and recreated the scenario. The light under the door looked normal.

During the day today as I thought about what had happened, I realized more and more that it was likely a visit from our paranormal friend.  There was something all wrong about the shadow itself.  Although I only saw it for a split second, it wasn't really like a shadow at all.  It was more like the smoky object that I had seen just below at the bottom of the stairs.  I actually tried to reproduce the "shadow" that I had seen for the photo for this article to demonstrate what it looked like. I couldn't do it.  The layout of the lighting that was on in the room, was all wrong. It was impossible to cast a shadow in the way that I had seen it. Whatever the object was, it would have had to have been immediately to the left of the shadow because that is where the light is.  Not only that, but just behind the door is a pile of things that are stacked there and a dresser. It  wouldn't have been possible for anything to cast a shadow immediately in front of the door and not be that close to it. I would have seen the feet of whatever it was. This leads me to believe that it didn't have any!

That smokey object that I saw previously had actually gone up the stairs!  Conveniently, my bedroom where this latest object was spotted, is at the top of the stairs.  Most of these sightings have been around the stairs or close to them for some reason.  And the incident I mentioned above, the "unseen brush by", took place on those stairs!

Most of the paranormal sightings in my house are centered around this stairwell.  Stairway to Heaven?  Or Hell?

I was walking up the stairs to the second floor one day and usually at least one of my cats will run up the stairs with me. Just because that is what cats do.  I heard a cat running by my left side up the stairs, but then at that very moment on my right side, I felt, not heard, but felt something brushing my leg going down the stairs.  I immediately stopped and looked down at the landing below.  Nothing.  I looked up to the top of the landing and the cat that was with me was already standing there waiting for me.  This really creeped me out that this unseen entity actually touched me. By far this has been the most disturbing event that has happened so far.

I'm not sure why, but the sightings of the unexplained lights and shadows, have a pattern.  The object is always moving from the right to the left.  Very strange.  And the real creepy thing that gets me, is that room at the top of the stairs where I saw this dark shadow last evening, was room that the infant child that my neighbor told me about, supposedly died in. Got tingles going up your spine?  I do.

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Our Resident Poltergeist - Caught on Camera

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Our Resident Poltergeist - Caught on Camera

We have had a stream of what I now believe is paranormal activities going on in our household.  Beginning a couple of years ago with shapes appearing in the windows which were also witnessed by my cat, then a strange smoky looking orb, to footsteps on the stairs and now as of this spring, an animal cage rattling on it's own when there is no feasible explanation as to why it is moving.

Poltergeist activity has been seen around this pet cage on several occasions.  It is as if some invisible force is trying to get out.
Poltergeist activity has been seen around this pet cage on several occasions.  It is as if some invisible force is trying to get out.

Our Resident Ghost Shows Itself in a Different Manifestation

Beginning on St. Patrick's Day, this new poltergeist like phenomenon has happened several times.  However, unlike the previous times before when my only co-witness was my cats, my son experienced this as well, once on his own, and this last time when he was with me and we witnessed this phenomenon together.

It began when I was standing in the kitchen at the counter baking something.  I have a steel animal cage that used to by my dog's before he passed away.  Now I use the cage to feed one of my cats.  He is quite the eater and after inhaling his food, eats my two other cats' food.  So I started locking him in the cage at meal times to eat.  I then let him out when the other cats have finished.  Sometimes when I forget to let him out, he pushes against the cage door, rattling it to let me know he is in there and wants out.  On this day as I was at the counter, like many times before, I heard the cage rattling.  I assumed that I had forgotten to let the cat out.  The cage was blocked from my view by the kitchen table, so I walked over to the cage to let him out.   There was nothing in the cage!  The rattling stopped.  Not thinking anything of it, I went back to what I was doing at the counter.  Five minutes later, the cage started rattling again, only this time more violently.  I walked over to the cage and once again, the rattling stopped.  I looked all around in and above the cage thinking maybe some sort of rodent had gotten into it or something.   Nothing.  When I realized what may be happening, I ran and got my camera and setup a tripod to see if I could capture it on film.  Nothing of course.

I tried to think of all the things that may have caused this.  The furnace wasn't running, there was nothing outside that could have caused the vibration, and if it did, why was the cage the only thing in the house rattling??  My son was upstairs at the time and I asked him what he was doing and he said he was standing at the bathroom sink.  So nothing there.  Very odd.

The Poltergeist Pays a Visit to My Son

It was about two weeks later when my son said "You know that cage rattling you told me about a couple of weeks ago?  Well, I was in the kitchen getting a snack late last night and it did it to me!"  

Invisible Spirit

It was during this time where I something strange happen when I was ascending the stairway.  I was walking up to the second floor.  My cat was running along side me as usual.  Suddenly, I felt something brush against my leg.  However, whatever it was passed by going down the stairs!  At first I thought it was the cat, I looked down and no cat.  It was at the top of the stairs already.  I looked at the bottom of the stairs and again...  no cat!  This had been the first time where I had been physically touched by what possibly could have been our invisible friend.

The Resident Poltergeist Returns

We had not heard anything from the cage for a while.  Until yesterday.  Again I was standing at the kitchen counter slicing up some pizza that I had just baked.  When suddenly, the cage started rattling.  Again, no furnace, nothing going on outside that would cause it.  With no hesitation, I immediately ran for my phone so I could video tape it.  As I returned to the kitchen I fully expected the rattling to stop when I started filming.  It did at first, but it started again.  Not only that, but it became more pronounced.  So much so that boxes that I had placed on the top of the cage and converted them into "cat apartments", were physically moving back and forth.  This went on for about five minutes.  I called my son up from his room in the basement and he too witnessed the event.  It is all on video! 

After this had stopped, I immediately went next door to my neighbor's house which is connected to mine.  We live in a duplex and I thought maybe they were doing something that may be causing this activity.  My neighbor lady answered the door.  She was the only one home at the time.  She was with her dog and they were both outside in the backyard when this occurred.  After sharing with her what had happened, I then told her about all of the other strange occurrences that have been going on.  It was her husband once, that had told me that a former neighbor had passed away on our front steps.  I brought that up suggesting that may be who is haunting our house.  She then told me that was not correct.  The man didn't actually die on our property, he died a short while later in the hospital.  This was quite a bummer to me, because that sort of blows the theory of who was haunting my home.  However, after telling me this, she then went on to tell me something interesting.  She said that prior to that, there was one death in the house.  A child had died in it's crib on the second floor...  instant chills filled my body.  This actually makes more sense since this seems to be poltergeist activity taking place in our home.  Poltergeists and said to be spirits of young children because they seem to be more harmless and playful.  

And here is the real kicker.  This cage rattling seemed to begin taking place on St. Patrick's Day.  The name of the child who died...   Patrick.  Wow.

The Poltergeist Video

After reviewing the video on my phone, I was somewhat disappointed in both my unsteadiness with the camera and the fact that the boxes moving are barely detectable.   The cage can clearly be heard rattling especially if you listen with headphones.  The boxes are still hard to see moving, but at some points you can faintly see movement.

Here is the video.  So you can judge for yourself!

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