Thursday, November 29, 2012

Another Paranormal Encounter Witnessed By A Cat

A few years ago I started posting articles all because of a strange encounter I had on Dog Kennel Road near my home.  A year later I then experienced some strange occurrences in my very own house.  I had witnessed a strange white shape three different times, a week apart and one of my cats was a witness to this paranormal activity. It is a known fact that a person passed away on the premises some 20 plus years prior.  I was never a big believer in ghosts although I love a good ghost story.  However, over the past few years and after an encounter I had earlier this week, I am becoming a believer...

On Tuesday, November 26th, I had just sat down on my couch after dinner and had just opened my laptop to check up on news and such.  I had lit a candle in a glass jar on a window sill previously and I looked up at the candle.  I saw what at first looked like black smoke shimmering with heat rising up the window blinds.  I thought it odd because the brand of candle that I was burning did not give of heavy black smoke like others I had used.  I looked more intensely at the smoke it struck me as odd that it was in the shape of a ball surrounded by shimmering "heat" waves.  I glanced away then looked back up and was taken aback when the "ball of smoke" stopped rising and moved horizontally to the left and off of the window!  It now appeared as a dark grey/almost black orb floating horizontally about a foot and a half down from the ceiling and it was hugging the wall.

The cat who witnessed the "ghost" sitting in the same relative spot where she was sitting when the event occurred
The dark grey object on wall to the left of the window is the approximate color and position of the object as it moved horizontally across the wall and up the stairs.  The light lines around it simulated a heat wave like appearance that surrounded the orb.

I followed the dark object staring intently trying to ascertain exactly what it was that I was looking at.  It was now obvious that it was not smoke.  It continued across the wall and moved into the shadows by the stairwell where it then blended into the shadows.  However, one of my cats was sitting on the stairs.  This is not the same cat that shared a previous paranormal encounter with me.  I looked at the cat and the cat was also looking at the object, following it as it moved.  The cat turned it's head up towards the stairwell as it if were following it as it moved up the stairs!

I was a little creeped out because this was different that what I had seen before which was a "white" transparent light.  This was unmistakably dark in nature and dark shadows in the paranormal world can be of the unsavory sort.

This video clip is a walkthrough demonstrating where and how the object moved from the window, along the wall, and up the stairs.
  I sat there looking at my computer and different lights to see if maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me after looking at some particular light source, however I could not reproduce the vision that I saw on the window and wall.  And then there is the cat.  If I were seeing things, the cat would not have seen it too.  I called my son upstairs to see if he could see anything out of the ordinary, but he arrived about five minutes later and of course there was nothing. Although the object was different looking than before, it did something similar.  It manifested itself at a window and then moved off to the left.

The cat who witnessed the "ghost" sitting in the same relative spot where she was sitting when the event occurred
The cat who witnessed the "ghost" sitting in the same relative spot where she was sitting when the event occurred.

I made an attempt a capturing something on video because the last time, it happened twice in a row within minutes of each other.  What I captured was rather interesting, when viewing the raw image in Quicktime, I noticed that another cat was walking down the stairs at some point.  There was a dark tall shimmering shadow along the wall next to the window in question which I assumed was caused by light reflection from the candle hitting the camera lens.  However, when the cat came to this spot, the shadow suddenly faded and then reappeared after the cat passed.  The cat then stopped and began to sniff the air, looking towards the window like it sensed something.  After I trimmed and processed the clip, the shadow did not show clearly on the processed video, however you can see the cat's reaction as it reached he window.  If can get the original video shortened, I'll will add it to this article.

This video clip was taken shortly after the sighting and shows a cat reacting to something near the window where the paranormal object had manifested itselfThis window was the location for a previous sighting approximately a year before.  The narration was added after the fact.

I will be watching out for more paranormal visitors, only the next time I hope that another person is able to witness it instead of just a cat!

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