Friday, October 9, 2009

My Experience on Dog Kennel Road

I have never been a big believer in ghosts or the paranormal, but I love a good ghost story. I have lived in the town of Media, PA since 1996. I have heard and read about numerous hauntings in the area including one on Dog Kennel Road. There have been many versions, the main one being that if you drive down that road on midnight, you will see the ghost of a young girl sitting on the side of a bridge where she was supposedly killed. Just to clarify a few misnomers, a lot of folks state that the road is in Newtown
Square, however it is not. It lies near the intersection of Route 1 and 252 next to Rose Tree Park between Media and Newtown Square. I have to say that I did not see the actual ghost of the girl, but I did see something out of the ordinary…

I have driven down Dog Kennel Road many times in hopes of seeing a glimpse of the paranormal only to see absolutely nothing. I have to say I had never driven down that road at midnight, however. One October evening after a family outing to the Arasapha Farms haunted attractions, we were driving home and I was recounting the story of the haunting on Dog Kennel Road to my teenage kids and my daughter’s boyfriend who happened to be along that night hoping to top off the night with a little “real life” scare. It was getting close to midnight so on a whim, I decided I would make the story a little more interesting by actually
going for a drive down Dog Kennel Road which was close by. The road is very narrow and winding and it is all tree covered and dark which is a creepy in itself. The bridges are hard to spot since they are only marked by small concrete barriers on either side so I was driving really slowly. We passed the first bridge without incident. After driving a little further we came to the second bridge. Not really expecting to see anything, I decided to make it a little creepy by slowing to almost a stop and turned the lights off. After appeals from my daughter to turn them back on, I did so and we crossed the second bridge and saw nothing. We approached the third bridge which is close to the end of the road where it intersects with Paxon Hollow road.

As we crossed the bridge, there in front of us crossing the road was a small patch of white mist. At that moment my son said, “OK, that’s just weird”. This would not be a weird sight ordinarily except that there was no fog in sight anywhere except that one spot. The night air was relatively warm for October as we wore no coats or jackets that evening.  The mist was just a small patch that resembled the shape of a 3’ high by 3’ wide ball. We drove through the mist and quickly turned around at the end of the road. At first, we didn’t see the mist again.  But as we got closer, there it was in the middle of the road again in the same spot and it moved off of the road before we got to it. As an afterthought, it occurred to me that the mist never dissipated after we  drove through it as it should have in the wake of the air displaced by our car. It was still there, intact. The thought literally sent chills up my spine! You have to admit, that was really weird

Dog Kennel Road

Update: 9/17/10

I was out in this area hiking around for a good location to hide a geocache.  I came across the "3rd" bridge.  I snapped a photo of it because I had never seen it from that angle within the woods before.  When I downloaded the pictures I noticed something very odd on the bridge.  I've seen many claims from those that have photographic evidence of ghosts in the form of plasma balls or ectoplasm which are balls of light that show up in photographs.  I have to say that I have taken many pictures before and have never had those show up on them.  However, look at the picture below that I took that night.  Just above the culvert pipe, right center...

The "3rd bridge" on Dog Kennel Road as seen from the forest, note the ball of light, mid right center

This is an untouched photo I might add.  Creepy stuff!

Another update: 10/6/10

I was out hiking in this park again this evening, took another photo just for kicks.  This time from a different angle and distance.  Take a look below at the again, untouched photo taken 2 and a half weeks after the photo above.  You may have to click on it and enlarge it...

Another orb...  same place almost!  I have to say...  now this is really starting to freak me out...

Do you have an experience of your own to add?  Please write a comment and submit it.


  1. After I posted this blog telling our story, I have searched and found other sightings on Dog Kennel Road similar to ours that involved a strange mist instead of the little girl. In exactly the same spot!

  2. I lived about a half mile from that road for about 30 years, and never saw anything in that particular stretch of Dog Kennel, but I can't say I'm surprised by that. I've always heard the big house down Rose Tree Road on the way to the mall (right where it intersects with Painter) is heavily haunted.
    there's another famous story about one of the buildings that was eatured in the original Blob movie, but I've never been to that one...

  3. The house you are talking about is Heilbron Mansion. I have a story in this blog about that particular haunting as well.

  4. I lived on Dog Kennel for 20+ years. I am not positive, but I think there are only 2 small bridges on Dog Kennel. The larger bridge that crosses Crum Creek is actually Paxon Hollow Road. I never saw any ghosts, but it can be a creepy road to walk down at night!

  5. There actually many "small" bridges technically. They are now small culverts that have small walls that are barely noticable as bridges.

  6. ok does anyone know what actually happen to this little girl on dog kennel ? me and a few friends want to do an actual investigation at the sight of the bridges but we do not know for sure what happen or where it happen so any information or sites that hold information about this story please post so i can look into it further

  7. I'm sure its just leaves but, in the picture above, when you enlarge it. Just above the top of the bridge to the right, there appears to be a grinning face. I really believe it is just leaves but, kinda jumped out in the picture.

  8. Back in the 1980s I too lived on Dog Kennel (small world this site, because there's only about 10 houses on the road). I never saw anything unusual on my many sojourns down that dark, windy, creepy road by car and by foot at all hours, but I will say, if there are spirits of the dead, then they would just love this road.

    1. I accidentally landed on this sight only to find my brother (hi Marc)was here a few years earlier. Never witnessed any spirits on Dog Kennel but I would not be surprised in the slightest. I never knew of the story of the girl but am curious.