Sunday, October 11, 2009

Upper Darby High School – Upper Darby, PA

The Upper Darby High School in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania is not your average high school.  It has a history that is rather tormented in some parts.  Or at least in the Performing Arts Center anyway.
Upper Darby High School

People have seen the apparition of a hanging body in the theater and have encountered many strange occurrences within the building.  Supposedly years ago, a boy hanged himself because he was influenced by evil spirits.  The spirits are supposed to haunt the attic as strange noises and poltergeist activity have been reported.  Items have been moved about the school overnight when no one else is around. 

Upper Darby HS Performing Arts Center

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  1. does the Teacher of the school knows about this paranormal activity if so did anyone ever investigate it and how bad is it

  2. I worked as a techie in the PAC my sophmore and junior year. We did have a rumor going around about the boy but we never saw anything. I've spent alot of time in that attic but I know that the other techies were the ones moving things overnight. (We're there really late at night during show weeks). However, the attic is very eerie, but isnt every attic?

    1. Sophomore and Junior are two years, not one.

  3. I went to the school and during the spring musical in 2008 (or 2009) I was helping the costume club. One of the boys in the show announced he was going upstairs to the attic to find a hat. He came back in a rush with what he had intended to find but stated that he had seen "Pete the Ghost" up there.

    I don't know if he was just messing around or what but nobody ever elaborated on who "Pete the Ghost" was and I never experienced anything anytime I had to go up there.

  4. Does anyone know the year and if Pete is the boys actual name because i've heard the stories?

  5. I was a former student at the school, and I NEVER saw a hanging body in the auditorium. I first learned about this in about 11th-12th grade, and I was a bit curious about the body. I was scared because I thought that the body would suddenly appear out of nowhere in the auditorium whenever I entered it to either perform, walk to class, or see a show, followed by a thunderstorm. It still creeps me out to this day!!!


  6. I graduated in 2008 from UDHS i was also a techie for 2 years. There was rumors about a bou who went to the attic and right outside the door to the black cats there are trap doors that kind of go down into the ceiling, well thats where it was said that the boy hung himself. I must admit tho that none of us really went up there alone. Retrieving costumes or a prop especially at night during a show proved to me a haor rasing breath catching experience. Another thing that was said was there are 2 door in the attic but 1 was always locked n no one knew why, but said that when up there alone people have reported seeing a face in the window of the locked door. Being up there always made me highly uneasy amd would grab what i needed n high tail down the steps as fast as possible.

  7. Former UDHS student. I've heard about this rumor when I was a kid, but never experienced any activity while I was there. ALso, the first picture is NOT UDHS. The one, however, is the PAC.