Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pennsylvania Institute of Technology - Media, PA

The Pennsylvania Institute of Technology in Media, PA used to be a convent long ago known as the Notre Dame School for Girls.  A former mother superior haunts the bell tower.  She can be occasionally seen though the lighted tower windows at night.  Supposedly when the tower is closed off. 

Witnesses have described seeing a nun dressed in a habit dating back to the period when these grounds were a convent.  Possibly dating back to around 1900.  It is believed that she was the Mother Superior based on the style of habit that the apparition is wearing.  The area that she has been seen in is what used to be the library.  It is now school offices.

The bell tower at The Pennsylvania Institute of Technology

Some degree of paranormal activity has also been witnessed in the tower building.  Everything from cold patches of air manifesting where there shouldn't be to doors and windows opening and closing on their own.  Apparently the building is still home to the nun who lived there long ago!


  1. I may have heard unusual sounds (clanging and banging) when I attended there in the mid-1990's (graduated in 1997); jokingly brushing it off as the "bones" of the dead nuns that taught there. The P.I.T. "Faculty Tower" was the former convent when it was still Notre Dame (closed in 1981; a former P.I.T. Office Technology teacher who went to Notre Dame told me all about it. It would be interesting to investigate it (I am now an ordained Lutheran minister), but unless the ghost is acting evil, I would just leave it alone.