Sunday, October 11, 2009

Williamson Trade School - Media, PA

Founded in 1888 by Isaiah Vansant Williamson, his school was originally designed to allow poor, young men who otherwise would not be able to afford an education, to learn a specific trade and become a productive member of society.  This institution has a long rich history including  fire in 1957 that destroyed most of the buildings.  Along with the history are a few ghosts...

Isaiah Vansant Williamson, founder of Williamson Trade School

Main Building - Apparently, the founder was buried under the main steps of this school. Folks experience strange feelings at night when standing there and supposedly your shadow is cast in 4 different directions for no apparent reason.  Some say they have seen an apparition believed to be that of Isaiah Williamson.

Longstreth Dormatory - There is a hand print on a window that never disappears. When it is cleaned off, it reappears just like it was.

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  1. I attended the school for three years and lived in the main building the whole time. I never experienced any paranormal event and never heard about, nor saw a handprint at Longstreth Cottage.

  2. 7w4 a senior class mate - peed on the gravesite and it is still stained

  3. I was a housekeeper there for many years and never saw anything strange at all or heard any of these stories lol but who knows!

  4. I think it's strange that I can find any info on the school except weird stuff.
    phone # or address ??