Sunday, October 11, 2009

Saint Alice School – Upper Darby, PA

Located on Sansom ST & Hampden Road in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, the auditorium of this school used to be a chapel where funerals were held. In addition, there have been some rather untoward happenings in this area of the school.
Saint Alice School in Upper Darby, PA

Students have seen an apparition in the top window of the auditorium.  There have been many strange occurrences which have been attributed to a suicide hanging and other deaths on the premises.


  1. Could you tell me the year St. Alice's opened the "new" Chuch building on Walnut St?

  2. Possibly the early 1950's. Does anyone else out there know for sure?

  3. Are you talking about the Social Center? I went to school there in the 1960's and it was open then ....sometime around 1958 is what I am thinking. What a great place to go to school with the nuns... and to think is was so safe and fun to be there. I remember the bowling alleys on the 3rd floor. it was such a long time ago.

  4. If the "social center" you are talking about is where St. Alice's used to be, that could be so. It moved possibly during the 1950s to it's current location.

  5. I used to partly attend this school and I've been trying to figure out when it was built and what happened throughout it's history due to the rumors of paranormal activity. It was pretty eerie in the hallways even during the day if you were walking by yourself. The entire building is very old and built mostly with wood. I experienced feelings of dread and even the feeling something was watching me, especially in and around the auditorium and bathrooms outside the auditorium. I even heard rumors of a nun who hung herself in the convent. I was in the convent once or twice while I attended school there and got the same feelings as I did while in the school itself. The entire property is just creepy, including the nearby church.

  6. It's a shame that this school closed down. There's so much history behind the grounds and area. There's an old building with a historic marker on the corner of the property. It's called Seller's Hall and was the first residence in Northern Darby, which has since become Upper Darby. It was built in 1682.

    During the Civil War, the Seller's family were abolitionist's, and there's record of it being a way station on the Underground Railroad. The other Seller's house, now Seller's library, was also a way station. I believe that there was rumors of tunnels leading into the cellar of the house from the basement of St. Alice's church, but I'm not too sure about that.

    I don't know if there are any ghost stories surrounding the little old building, but if there are, it would be interesting to read or here! It's been there so long, I can't imagine there NOT being any stories to go along with it.