Sunday, October 11, 2009

Heilbron Mansion - Media, PA

At the site of an old mansion along Rose Tree Road, there supposedly lived a family whom one day found their daughter dead in nearby Ridley Creek. The death was blamed on a servant that worked for the family. He was immediately hanged in a tree outside.

Heilbron Mansion before it was destroyed in a fire

The mansion was supposedly haunted by three different ghosts. One was a little girl that haunted the upstairs. The second was the girl’s mother whose presence was felt in various locations . The third is the servant that was hung who haunts the driveway and front porch.

I have a friend who says as a teenager, he and some friends entered the abandoned mansion on a dare. As they entered a certain part of the house, their flashlights all went out at the same time!

Not so long ago in 1987, the mansion burned down. It was rebuilt, but the only thing that remains of the original mansion is some of the stonework piers, walls, and foundation.  Current owners do not report any evidence of haunting. However, a housing development has been built on the site of the old estate grounds.  Some people claim to have seen shadow people lurking around Heilbron Drive and the surrounding wooded areas.

Heilbron estate is now a housing development

There is a book titled "Night Stalks the Mansion" written specifically about these hauntings which was out of print for a while.

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  1. I entered the abandoned mansion one night back in the 80s. It was still full of furniture and other belongings, as if someone had left in a hurry.

  2. What I would like to know is who were the Heilbron Family? Did they live there? Where did they go? Its called the Heilbron mansion and now the Heilbron estates but there is nothing about them in any stories of any kind. Thanks

  3. I personally have not read the book "Night Stalks the Mansion" so I don't know if it specifically mentions the family by name. I only know the story because my friend told me about it, I live near there. Anyone out there that has read it, do you know the answer to this person's question?

  4. I never knew this house was so famous /infamous. When I was in maybe the 5th grade in the mid 70's my mom and her friend went there to by antiques. I got hauled along I guess to help load any large things they bought. We get there and a rather creepy woman answers the door think Frau Blucher. They go upstairs to look at the stuff and I get left in a sitting room to the left of the fornt door. I sat their for what seemed forever and all I wanted to do was GO. The house felt opressive and just sitting there was uncomfortable. Keep in mind I am a cynic not the sort to imagine things or give into them. this was not the sort of bored preteen can we go now stuff. I was paceing and antsy not my normal self. I got a bad feeling from that house and remember it every time I drive by I remember that feeling. I saw or heard nothing but this was the only time in my life I wanted to leave a place without and reason. So for over 35 years I figured I has seen to many late night movies.Just an hour ago I discovered that this house has some history.

  5. the heilbrons lived there as recently as january 1980 the b&b company took it over april 1987 to restore it but fire took over but restored it anyway 1988

  6. It has been years since I have read the book, but that house scared me straight we used to break into the house in the early 80s, it was fully furnished as if someone still lived there we usually only went in the basement. We would always think someone was there because you could see light shining from the outside but when you went in I was always pitch dark. Anyway one night me and my best friend went upstairs and took a few items from the house and brought them back to my parents house. The next morning we woke up and the items we gone a few weeks later we went back into the house all the items were back in their original places not a dust mark was out of place. I left running and crying never stepping foot in the house again.