Tuesday, October 27, 2009

White Lady of Essington

Years ago a couple was traveling on the Tinicum Island Road in Essington on their wedding night.  Near the airport there was a terrible accident and both the bride and groom were killed.  People through the years have said that they have seen a lady wearing a white dress standing or walking along that same road at night.

Tinicum Island Road circa 1946  Photo: delawarecountyhistory.com
Tinicum Island Road circa 1946  Photo: delawarecountyhistory.com

This female spirit seems to have a special attraction to single men traveling along this stretch of road.  So watch out guys, beware of "the white lady".

The area near Tinicum Island Road today


  1. Bitch was in my room, i live in tinicum. No joke!

  2. i live in tinicum bitch was not in my room.you tell lies.

  3. I grew up in Tinicum and never heard of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!