Thursday, October 29, 2009

Moggie's Ghost on Knowlton Road

In the late 1800's near Aston, Pennsylvania, at the place where Chester Creek met Knowlton Road ford was a grave of a girl who became known as Moggey.  It is unknown why she died, whether she drowned at the ford somehow or died elsewhere, but she was buried near the mill at the crossing.  

Travelers have said that on occasion when crossing the ford, they could see the form of a girl standing in the spot where Moggey was buried.  The phantom took on a transparent appearance and many traveler's were frightened by traversing the ford on a moon light night for fear of seeing Moggey's ghost.  

The location of the old Moggey's Ford where travelers traversed Chester Creek is now a stone bridge

Over time this place became known as Moggey's Ford.  In the present day, a stone bridge now traverses Chester Creek at the former Knowlton Road crossing.  The mill is no longer and not much remains to be seen.  Not even a hint of ruins of the old place.  However, you can still see remnants of the old ford under the bridge where rocks were stacked neatly in rows on end.  

Remnants of Moggey's Ford can be seen under the existing stone bridge that spans Chester Creek on Knowlton Road near Aston, PA

You can hear about the tale of Moggey every fall at the nearby Linvilla Orchard's "haunted" hay ride as well as other tales of ghosts living on the farm.


  1. interesting thriller story ^ - ^

  2. Ohhh! I Love your good Ghost stories! I remember so many of them from my child hood. It's good to preserve local history and lore, thank you!

  3. Hello. I am Yugam and I am teacher. I am teaching meditation. You know there is no ghost exist in the world. Basically these are energy and energy can be of any form. Meditation is the only way to know about yourself "who are you" "who is God", "what are your objectives in the world".....................Thanks.

  4. Yugam, I have never really said that believed in ghosts myself. However, last October my kids and I experienced something that WAS rather extraordinary.

    Scientifically, some folks could dispute your claim. We as humans are made of energy. Energy cannot be destroyed it only transforms. Where does this energy go when we die?

  5. I live on Knowlton road, very close to the bridge near Creek Road. My home was built in 1850 and I have tried again and again to find out more about the history of my home and the area surrounding it. However, I have not been able to find much info. Any suggestions or help would be great. Thanks!

  6. Stew, have you tried the Delaware County Historical Society? Or the Delaware County Archives? Usually those are really great places to start when trying to find out information about old houses.

    I volunteer at the Chester County Historical Society and I see people coming in all the time to find out information about there houses, and they never leave empty handed.

  7. Thank you so much for your reply. I will definitely look into those resources.

  8. Mt brother (who passed away in 1989) saw this ghost right at this spot back in the mid '80's. Before that, he was not a believer in ghosts or the supernatural. But after his experience he told anyone who would listen about this encounter! He was driving home from work at the Acme very late at night. As he approached this bridge, out of the fog appeared the very clear form of a white caped lady hovering above his car and looking into the windshield at him. She seemed sort of angry and after a few seconds, turned abruptly and went away. My brother, a local history buff, was freaked out by this! He did some research (pre-Internet!) and uncovered the story of Moggey. Years alter when my mother and I visited Linvilla's pumpkin patch with my young daughter, we were shocked to see a sort of scarecrow depiction of Moggey (along with some of the local ghosts.) We hadn't heard there were other sightings of this ghost at this spot and we have never been brave enough to go back there late at night!