Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ghost Dinner Party at The Crier in the Country

 The original owner, Lydia Pennel haunts this inn/restaurant, The Crier in the Country located in Glenn Mills, PA.  The house was built in 1740 and Lydia was one of the original inhabitants.  It was her and her husband's home for many, many years.  She was forced to sell the bed and breakfast.  Some say she never wanted to leave and hasn't.  It became an inn/restaurant in the 1940's.  There are stories of moving chandeliers, singing and appearances of apparitions in the upstairs dining room named after Lydia as it was her former bedroom.  Ghosts over for dinner?  The sounds of a dinner party can be heard in the empty dining hall downstairs on occasion.

Servers set a dining room for a party, the next day the place settings would all be stacked in piles and placed in the center of each table.

Once in the during the house's lifetime as a inn/restaurant, a young boy was staying on the 3rd floor.  He reported seeing a shadow like apparition.  His new pet dog was staying in the room with him and was viciously trying to defend him.  The dog jumped at the apparition near the window and smashed through it falling to his death.  It is thought that some of these "unknown" entities may be from British soldiers who where hanged nearby
during the Revolutionary War.  At one point, the house and it's grounds served as an encampment for British soldiers.

Artist's rendition of "Shadow figure" or "Shadow people"
The person who purchased the property from Lydia, Henry Saulnier, also haunts the place.  Workers at the inn believe his apparition has been seen in the kitchen by a young girl.  She stated she saw a man wearing "funny clothing".  Later identifying the man in a photo in the lobby which turned out to be Henry Saulnier who had long since passed away.

The Crier in the Country Inn and Restaurant


  1. My Aunt Used to own this House! I have myself felt and seen things in this place. JCN

  2. This Inn was also a "nursing home" in the 1950's and early 60's. My great-grandmother died there. I live in the area and remember MANY a haunt to be had at this place. It stands abandoned now but area residents still witness the hauntings.

  3. Is this place for sale?

  4. I was just here yesterday, you can find me on facebook. The house is in VERY poor condition, people have done so much damaging to the property. I have a picture.. my boyfriend went into the house. Me and my sisters were out on the front pourch taking pictures. He began to shush us because he heard what he described as someone on a breathing machine. I have the picture. There was no flash. I looked at the picture and I decided to lighten it up since it was so hard to see because it was very dark..and standing right in front of my boyfriend in the picture seems to be a lady with very dark long hair standing in a white dress. I swear to god I would not make this up. You can find me and view the picture via if you have an account.

    1. What's your facebook I wanna see it


  6. I drive past this place every day on my commute to work and it absolutely breaks my heart. I remember being in it when I was 8 or 9. My friend made her First Holy Communion and her family had a get together at the Crier in the Country after the ceremony.

    During lunch they had a man come in and tell ghost stories about the place. He mentioned the swinging chandelier and the ghosts in the upstairs rooms but he also mentioned a lady in blue in the women's bathroom near the bar area.

    The place is looking really dilapidated now and there's graffiti on the side of the building. It's such a shame because the place was beautiful from what I remember of it and it obviously has so much history, I'd hate to see it forgotten.

    I hope that somebody buys it and restores it to what it once was.